Terry Gordon




              Fragments of Made to measure Film music -composed performed and recorded by Terry Gordon at Creation Studio

                                                                                       © Copyright Terry Gordon




Made-to-measure Film music

Creation Studio
 also specialises in the making of made-to-measure music

for feature films, animation, television productions, advertising, documentaries,

theatrical productions, dance groups, and story tellers, etc.
Why made-to-measure music?


Without the right soundtracks a film loses its spirit and strength in capturing a viewer, while Made-to-measure music will make a film come alive, the sound effects and the music will be composed to match the characteristics of a film exactly, and it will follow and change its style and feeling in every fragment

and frame of a film, this is the only way to create the right atmosphere.

In simple terms: you should hear and feel what you see.



Corporate films and advertising 


Making a corporate film costs a great deal of time and energy, It would be a waste to use a standard soundtrack with your unique product as this would detract greatly from your film’s impact.  After all your film is your business card.

Made-to-measure music

does not only give a film its own identity


Made-to-measure music will also intensify a films images, and it will

ensure that the viewer's attention is caught and kept throughout the film.



Most importantly


Made-to-measure film music leaves the viewer with the feeling that they have really experienced a film, and not just watched a film.





Film production companies know it is always best to use made-to-measure music for any film production, and made-to-measure music doesn't have to be expensive.

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