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Creation Studio

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Creation studio


With the helping ears and hands of a sound engineer, producer, arranger, studio session musician that has also worked for EMI records with all the years of experience to help you capture the atmosphere of your song or CD album.


23 years experience with a critical ear in bringing out the best

in every singer and musician, with expert advice on capturing the best

performance of your voice and instruments.

Creation Studio is situated in the Kerry mountains of Ireland five minutes from a beautiful quiet beach surrounded by breathtaking unspoiled nature that rejuvenates your energy and inspires your creativity, a place where you can record and have a holiday at the same time, this is really a musical paradise and reasonably priced.

Solo artists, and singer songwriters


If needed all the instruments can be played in for you  by professional studio musicians at no extra cost.

Or extra instruments can be played in for you and added to your recordings

to make your CD album complete. 

Also available

There is also the possibility for original songs to be written for you,

these songs will be specially made to suit your voice,

and each song can be written on any subject and style of your choice.




Creation studio takes pride in recording your voice and your music,

and guarantees that every CD album recorded here will be
mixed and mastered to the professional broadcasting standards,

together with the teamwork, advice, and support in the capturing of your best performance, you will end up with a CD album that you can be proud of.

To visit the studio website please click on the link  (Creation Recording Studio )