Terry Gordon

Music Therapy workshops

Music Therapy



Workshops for Music Therapists


Learning the skills to become a music therapist can be very challenging.

Obviously all these skills cannot be obtained only from a book,

so these following workshops will be given in guided practice.


You will be learning to assess the needs of an individual,

and translating those needs into music in a therapeutic sense.


This course will help you help others of all ages by improving their health, balance, communication, social functioning, memory capabilities, and well-being, this course will also include music therapy for people with learning disabilities.


As a practising music therapist you know it is best to always be improving your techniques, this course covers new techniques on the following subjects:


Song writing


Learn techniques to improve your song writing skills, with the use of these techniques you will be able to write a three-minute song in seconds, this will be

a made to measure song on any subject or atmosphere you need to create.


Singing Lessons


These lessons include: How to warm up your voice, breathing techniques,

voice control, how to improve your vocal range, voice projection, expression,

and vocal clarity.


Acoustic instruments


Learn how to play Acoustic guitar, Irish low whistle, and Bodhrán.




Learning new rhythmical patterns, on a variety of percussive instruments.


Recording project for Music Therapists


Terry is starting a new project in Co Kerry Ireland, he is dedicating his recording studio in helping other music therapists capture and enhance the atmosphere of their music. He will be producing, recording, and adding extra instruments

and ambience, to help other music therapists complete their CD albums.