Terry Gordon

Musical Workshops

Sound engineering lessons Co Kerry
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Sound engineering lessons mastering Co Kerry


Studio Sound Engineering

These workshops will be given at Creation Studio,

where you will be learning how to record using the latest technology.

Learn all about microphone use microphone positioning, audio Editing,

Signal Processing: Compression, Limiting, Equalisation, DeEssing,

Enhancing, and Reverberation etc.


Learn everything about recording and editing midi,

also learn how to record and mix a complete band,

including all the dos and don’ts of a recording studio,

and this workshop also covers the fine art of CD Mastering.



Sound Engineering workshops for mixing live concerts

These workshops will be given at a location of your choice, and they include:


How to set up a PA system.

How a sound system works.

How to set up monitor systems.

Learn every control on a mixing console.

Learn all about room acoustics.


Learn how to soundcheck and equalise a room to prevent feedback

even before the musicians have their soundcheck.


Learn how to soundcheck, and the best way of equalising

instruments and singers in live concerts.


learn everything you need to know about: signal processing,

Compression, Gating, and Reverberation systems etc.

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Band coaching Co Kerry



The idea of developing workshops for bands, musicians, and singers came into being many years ago when Terry was asked by entertainment agencies to coach and give workshops to their groups of musicians and singers to help them grow and improve bringing them to a more professional level.


This workshop is focused on taking a band to a professional level by developing their presentation, singing techniques, vocal control, microphone techniques,

and improving their combined sound by focusing on each band member’s individual qualities and teamwork, and if the band use their own PA system

a special advanced sound engineering workshop can also be included.

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Music Lessons

Terry Gordon Music lessons Co Kerry
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Songwriting lessons

 These lessons are for singers and musicians who would like to write their own song even if they've never tried writing a song before, and for songwriter's who would like to further develop their creativity and skills in the art of songwriting.

Singing lessons Co Kerry

Singing lessons

These lessons will cover: Tips and tricks on how to maintain your voice,

vocal exercises, breathing techniques, breath control, vocal control, vocal clarity,

improving your vocal range, and vocal expression.


Guitar lessons Co Kerry

Guitar lessons

Guitar lessons For beginners, in this workshop you will be learning how to play the guitar, and develop your abilities to be able to play a song that you've heard before, without learning how to read sheet music.

Bodhràn lessons Co Kerry

Bodhràn lessons

These lessons are suitable for beginners as well as advanced bodhràn players,

if you are a beginner you don't have to own a bodhràn because a professional tunable bodhràn will be supplied for these lessons which will include

a step-by-step guide on how to play Irish jigs and reels.