•             Terry Gordon

  Singer Songwriter Performer

Terry Gordon


Being born in Ireland, music has played a very important role in his life
and it is no wonder because he gave his first performance for Rté

when he was only seven years of age.

He has built a reputation as "the man with the Golden Voice"

and has performed over 4500 concerts in various countries

such as:  England,  Ireland,  Scotland,  Wales,  Germany,  Belgium,

Italy,  Switzerland,  Luxembourg,  and The Netherlands.


He has also given many TV performances shown by broadcasting companies

such as:  R.T.E.  BBC,  Granada,  RTL 4,  RTL 5,  SBS 6,  Veronica,

Nederland 2,  Ned 3,  De VARA,  TV Gelderland,  TV Drenthe,  TV Brabant,

TV. Doetinchem,  TV OOST,  TV Spijkenisse,  TV West,  and ARD.

A list of live radio shows would be too long to recount.

                        Terry's happy Irish song: "Skiddilly" made it into the hit parade in Holland




No matter where he is touring he is homesick for Ireland

and he is always writing songs about the natural beauty of Ireland.

His song "Fly on the Wings of Freedom" is all about a bird learning how to fly.

Fly on the Wings of Freedom.  Terry Gordon

The Netherlands



He lived in Holland due to a contract with the record company EMI.

and he performed professionally throughout the Netherlands for 23 years

playing at venues such as: Royal Theatre Carré, Paradiso,

De Stadsschouwburg, De RAI, and the Beatrix Theatre, ect.


This next video was filmed by a member of the audience in Theatre Doetinchem

Theatre fragments filmed by a member of the audience in Theatre Doetinchem


Recording Studio in Co. Kerry Helping new talent


Terry has recently moved back home to live in the Ring of Kerry Ireland

to absorb some of the peaceful atmosphere after years of homesickness

for the beautiful mountains, and the warmhearted people of Ireland.
He has set up his recording studio "Creation Studio" in Ballinskelligs

where he'll be working on new projects, and also helping new talent 

to create, record, and produce their CD albums.